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HEALTHpage, GHANA, is now DOCTORS FOR RIGHT TO HEALTH (DRH). The name change was announced by the Executive Director, Dr John Kweku Kwawurah, after a management meeting here in Accra. Explaining the rationale for the name change, Dr Kwawurah said the change was necessary to reflect a shift in focus and the new face of the organization.

According to Dr Kwawurah, an objective and thorough evaluation of the past operations of the organisation pointed to the need for a change in approach to health development. “We realized that adopting a human rights –based approach (RBA) would prove more effective, and produce the desired results quickly. We also needed a name that would better reflect our philosophy that health is a human right,” he said.

It is expected that the new name DOCTORS FOR RIGHT TO HEALTH (DRH) would provide a solid and credible platform to advance the health of poor and vulnerable communities. The name change would also identify DRH with sister organizations.

To reflect the name change, minor revisions have been made to the mission statement and corporate goal. The org
anization’s logo, however, remains unchanged.


Updated: 5th February 2010